Music Never Released

Here is a sampler of music I have written, produced, and performed over the last couple of decades, but which has never been commercially released.

Encased in Time

Encased In Time is a song cycle composed, performed, and recorded over a long weekend in December 2008. I had broken my back in July 2007 and had been in a body brace for over a year waiting to heal enough to be eligible for vertebral fusion surgery. I had just learned from the doctors, that I could have the surgery in March 2009, and was sad to have to wait another 3 months, but glad to see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Erica went to visit our daughter Sasha in North Carolina, and I decided to try going into the studio to let some of the emotion come out. Here’s the result:

I did have the surgery in March 2009, and it went very well, and I was able to fully regain my mobility and returned to a full healthy life!

New Guitar Music

As I started spending more time playing guitar after my broken back, I decided to create some new guitar-featured music. This recording is all me in the studio.

La Mashine

La Mashine was music produced in my home studio, much of this for Adobe Systems for the releases of their Photoshop and Illustrator software. I play all the tracks…

Mashine Music

This was an early set of music produced in the first real DAW, StudioVision, sometime in 1992. I am playing all the electronic and guitar tracks, and Bruce Nifong (long-time friend and former Ictus bandmate) is playing Alto Saxophone. This unreleased set of recordings gave me the idea to revive the Mashine Music brand in 2009 when I began the “Decades” Project.

Ictus Live Recordings:

Here are live some recordings from Ictus circa 1982

Pieces for Jazz Orchestra

These pieces were recorded between 1974 and 1976

Temporarily Untitled and Sarabande were recorded by the Herb Pomeroy Jazz Orchestra, for the Berklee Jazz in the Classroom album, but not released. Sarabande was also performed at my Berklee Graduation in 1976. All for Susan was a commission that brought Icus together as the rhythm section, and after the recording we decided to create a band.

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