I have been married to my wife Erica for 38 years, and we have two lovely daughters, Reesa and Sasha. Reesa is married to Mark Morabito and has 3 children – Lucy, and identical twins Miles and Cole. Sasha is married to Joe Frinzl and has 2 children – Avery, and Keira. Erica and I have a home in Framingham, MA (outside of Boston) not far from Reesa and Mark, and we also have an apartment in Raleigh, NC near Sasha and Joe. We are very fortunate indeed! Here are some pictures:

Erica and I on the St Lawrence River Cruising from Montreal to Boston
Me and Erica with Keira, at Sasha’s house
Reesa and Mark behind me with Lucy and Avery
Reesa with Keira, Sasha with Lucy and Avery
Identical twins Cole and Miles (left to right)