Sonic Doodles

Sonic Doodles is my first album to first exist as a playlist collection of videos. In each case the inspiration began with a mental image, then the music developed, and then I created a video that matched my mental image, cut to the finished track. Here is a link to the video album:

Sonic Doodles on YouTube

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I’m Back

From January 2023 until Fall of that same year I was feeling ill, and underwent a massive amount of medical testing. Finally in late 2023 I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia and prescribed medications, lifestyle changes, and an exercise regime. Throughout this period I was doing cranial-sacral therapy, and by early 2024 I was back to making music, and this was the first piece to come out, hence the title “I’m Back.”

Soaring Free

A little exploration of the Lydian mode to float away with. I played the Godin Arena nylon string guitar, with inspired the melody and arpeggiated pattern. Soar away and enjoy the clouds…

Desert Sands

Playing the Godin Inuk always inspires me, and with this piece brought out the middle eastern feel of the desert. Then I decided to explore the Phrygian mode a bit. Close your eyes and avoid the blowing sands…


As I was doing cranial-sacral therapy, I began to experience the energies beyond those of the physical world and these were sounds reflecting my experiences of healing, strengthening, and becoming…


This one began as a sequence played by my Korg ARP 2600m, and the sounds of that instrument take me back to my very first synthesizer, the ARP2600. I began searching for my old analog roots, and this was what came out…

On The Range

A short trip to the western parts of North America including Monument Valley… Drift off and enjoy

Liquid Film for Inuk

I wrote Liquid Film in 2018 for the Mashine Music “Chapters” album. I was playing my Godin Inuk one day recently and realized I had started playing the chord progression to Liquid Film, which I hadn’t listened to in several years, so I gave it a listen and decided to record it again with the Inuk as the feature. I slowed it down and made it more contemplative. The sound of the Inuk always transports me to the Middle East, which is in such terrible unrest right now. So I made a video with scenes from the Middle East, processed to look grainy, as if the video was on 8mm or 16mm celluloid film. I feel like the chance for peace any time soon seems hopeless, but I hope for a long term solution…

Softube Synthomania

Often I will set limits for myself in order to force creativity within set boundaries. On this piece, I limited myself to only making sounds with Softube’s software synthesizers, and only making my own sounds from scratch. On this piece I used the Softube Modular Synthesizer to build my own synthesizer system, Softube Model 72 Synthesizer, Softube Model 80 Five-Voice Synthesizer, Softube Model 82 Sequencing Mono Synthesizer, Softube Parallels Synthesizer, and Softube Heartbeat. I also used Softube Console 1 and Faders in the mix process. Enjoy! Produced using Apple’s Logic Studio Pro Video. Compositing by David Stefan Mash