Hi, I am David Mash, and welcome to my site! I am a musician, educator, and futurist, and maintain several sites for my various activities and artist brands. Mashine Music is the site I use to promote my commercially released electronic jazz fusion music that combines machines and humans to create my unique musical identity. I started experimenting on this concept in 1977 when I started playing synthesizers in my band Ictus.

After leaving Ictus in 1982, I began using the play on my name “Mash” plus the “ine” suffix as Mashine Music in 1983 for my publishing and musical identity.

I use the artist brand “Stefan” for my more meditative and electronic musical work. Check out my blog post announcing the launch of his first album “Meditations.”

I partner with Peter Bell in Bar of 2 Productions, in which we focus on producing my music, Peter’s music, and for producing other artists whose music we love.

I worked at Berklee College of Music for 41 years; first as a teacher of guitar, core music, jazz composition, arranging, and eventually music technology. I started the Music Synthesis department, now known as Electronic Production and Design in 1984, became Berklee’s Assistant Dean of Curriculum for Academic Technology (BADCAT) in 1989, Vice President for Technology in 1997, Vice President for Technology and Education Outreach in 2006, and Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology in 2013.

I retired in 2017, to focus on making music and giving back through board service. I now serve as a director for The Record Co, as President of the Bob Moog Foundation Board, and as Chair of the Board for the Alan R. Pearlman (ARP) Foundation. I remember when musicians were in either the Moog camp or the ARP camp. I’m glad to be heading the Foundations for both these legendary musical inventors!

Breaking NewsNew release on 3/13/2023: 

David Mash – Colors, Textures, Moods

Although I have publicly released 7 albums under the name Mashine Music, and 5 more as Stefan, this is the first release under my own name, David Mash. All of the pieces on this album fall somewhere between the two musical personas I have developed over the last few years, but the album title describes them all well: each piece is built with  layers of colors and textures that set a specific mood. These are far less complex jazz fusion compositions than my Mashine Music albums, and too beat oriented to fit into the meditative minimalist style of Stefan. Instead they fall squarely into my category of “unpopular” music, rooted in sonic exploration, rock guitar, classical guitar, and synthesizer use. Stefan is certainly the producer of this album, and Mashine Music is clearly the band, but this music is out and out David Mash. The album cover is a painting done by my good friend Ken Lemoine, entitled “Random Dreaming.” When I was trying to decide what to call this album, I looked at this painting and it was clear, the music and this painting are about colors, textures, and moods. Enjoy!

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